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Case Management

What is case management?
Case managers coordinate a range of community integration services and supports to help individuals with special needs achieve and maintain personal independence. After gathering and analyzing information about each client, case managers work with the individual to identify their goals, strengths and service needs. This assessment serves as the basis for the development of the client’s Individual Service Plan, which targets problems, outlines realistic goals and indicates the resources that will be used to achieve the client’s goals.

What do case managers do?
During the monitoring phase, case managers visit with clients every quarter to review and monitor the overall progress and development of their Individual Service Plans. Case managers document changes in client behavior, knowledge and skills in an agency-wide database. In-progress notes are made with clients, family members, schools, probation officers and other entities. Measurements related to self-sufficiency, functioning and/or quality of life are collected through documentation of objective observations and subjective comments from participants, family members, their advocates, case managers and other service providers. This feedback assists in analyzing when and if there has been an effective change in the participant’s behavior, attitude and/or social skills, as well as assists in advocating for clients within the justice system and independent school districts.

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